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Have I Got a Deal for You!  Practice Refusal Skills - ATOD
MasterKit includes materials for one group of students, instructions, teaching tips, and answer keys.  Strategies with only MasterKits are to be used as blackline masters OR as a classroom set requiring no additional groups. 

An ExKit includes materials for one or more additional groups and are available at a lower cost. Requires MasterKit for instructions, answer keys and overhead masters.    
GrandMaster includes a MasterKit and additional ExKits for some strategies to include materials for a class of 32-36 students.  Lowers the cost even more.  Available for some strategies only.  
Situations specific to Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs and refusal skills are developed in this interactive group strategy.  Two sets of cards are dealt to group members.  The first set of cards are situations that indicate the problems and how the person views the need to say no or refuse to continue in the situation.  The second set of cards are numbered to respond to situation cards and indicate one or more types of refusal skills the person is to use:  Act Confident, Use Humor, Give an Excuse, Plan Your Exit, Suggest an Alternative, Delay your Decision, or options of a combination of those.  A students reads the situation, and the student with the corresponding numbered refusal card has to respond to the situation "on the spot" or with help, by using the refusal method indicated on their card.  Groups of 4 practice two types of methods per person. Student groups discuss each situation based on provided criteria:  Is the relationship important? Did the answer preserve the dignity of all involved?  Showed respect, strength of answer.  Would the answer get the desired result?  MasterKit includes:  8 sets of situation cards and refusal skill cards (laminated), refusal skills overhead masters, After Questions overhead master, Instructions and Teaching Tips, Group interaction overhead masters.   Also available for Sexual Health.   

MasterKit:  $35.00