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Su Nottingham
Su Nottingham has taught Family & Consumer Science, Sexuality, Health & Physical Education at the secondary through university level.  Her workshops with teachers, students, peer-leaders and community health educators throughout Canada and the U.S. provide usable materials in health and sexuality curricula in thousands of schools and universities.  Awards include:  
Family and Consumer Sci. Teacher of the Year
Michigan MAHPERD Teacher of the Year
Mid-West AAHPERD Teacher of the Year

Family Studies & Sex Education, Health & Physical Education

MA - Curriculum & Teaching

Faculty:  Central Michigan University in
School Health Education
Al Craven

Al Craven taught for 20 years in Hamilton, Ontario before moving to the United States to continue his career in education.  Al as taught every level, Pre-K through University and is a dynamic presenter with a passion for health education. 
He has conducted trainings for teachers and community health educators throughout Canada and the U.S. in health, sexuality, physical education, effective use of television and professional development in health.
Awards include:  Michigan AAHPERD Teacher of the Year.  

Certifications:  Health & Physical Education, and Elementary Education

MS - Curriculum & Teaching 

Faculty: Adrian College, Adrian Michigan
Teacher Education and Health Ed. 

Su and Al have been presenting workshops together and individually for over 20 years and have taught at all levels.  Their presentations are sought by conference planners, teachers, and health educators to provide usable, effective material that are comfortable for students and their teachers for often sensitive content.   

These materials are unique, student centered, and enhance current curricula for the educator at any level.  Materials are embedded in State and Provincial curricula and utilized in teacher education programs an numerous college and university programs in school health education.

Educators who have attended trainings/workshops have utilized these materials designed to augment curricula in sexuality and health education for the elementary, secondary students and teacher education in health and sexuality.

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Teaching with purpose, through age-appropriate materials, utilizing best practices in health, relationship and sexuality education.
"Enjoyed this immensely.  Makes 'Sex Ed' more fun to learn with lots of ways for kids to think about these things from different angles."
"Wonderful!  Great illustrations, informative and humorous!"
"Great presentation:  useful, interesting and fun."
"I really enjoyed this workshop.  I felt totally comfortable, and enjoyed learning.  You address sexuality with humor and tact.  You used group dynamics wonderfully.  I never dreamed we would do games with such a large group.  My students will thank you!"