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Values Walkaround
Get the students up and moving!   Get them thinking and you've got an activity that is a winner.  Blackline masters included for values on a wide rage of sexuality issues provide statements that students read, discuss and exchange in order to get a vlue they support for feel strongly about.  The discussion that follows if often exceptional.  48 different statements are included along with instructions and teaching tips.  Instructions, adaptations, teaching tips are also included.  

MasterKit: $10.00
Critical Thinking
Predicting the Weather
Getting the message that people have the ability to control their actions is important.  Helping adolescents anticipate their behavior and future decisions is difficult.  This activity does both in an insightful and visual manner, keeping the attention while getting the thought process going.  Individual "clouds" are provided this 32 different actions.  These actions vary from "Lying Down Kissing", " Dating Someone Older", "Lying to Parents, "Wearing Special Underwear" to "Drinking Alcohol'.  The students discuss the situation and determine if the action or thought might indicate that the person may be headed for a situation that could lead to risk of pregnancy or STI.   If a person anticipates their thoughts and actions, they are more likely to acknowledge the possibility of a risk behavior and either decide to avoid it, postpone the action or provide protection.  Being "swept away in the moment" can no longer be an excuse.  The clouds are then placed around the picture that signifies the risk level:  Sunny, Cloudy, Stormy, or Tornado.  This kit provides material for an entire class.  MasterKit includes 32 clouds, Instructions/Teaching Tips, 4 color indicator signs, 2 instruction overhead.

MasterKit:  $35.00
Getting the message that people have the ability to control their actions is important. Helping adolescents anticipate their behavior and future decisions is difficult. This activity does both in an insightful and visual manner, keeping the attention while getting the thought process going. ​Similar to "Predicting the Weather", but designed for younger students, this activity helps show the behaviors  that may trigger risky behavior.  Each kit includes enought for one group to have 36 situations on clothes pins that are attached, after group discussion, to a traffic signal sign to indicate: very like to lead to risky behavior (red), possibly likely to lead to risk behavior (yellow) or not likely to lead to risk behavior (green).  Fun, interactive, and really allows discussion on this difficult to approach subject.  ExKit has additional groups materials.

MasterKit:  $20.00  ExKit: $15.00  GrandMaster $90.00 (6 groups)
Stop, Caution, Go!
Steps in Physical Intimacy
How do couples act in a relationship?  When do they just hold hands?  When are they comfortable with a first kiss or hug?  How does love fit in and how do couples move along the continuum of intimacy?  This kit examines physical intimacy having student manipulate tickets from least to most intimate within the context of a relationship and initiates discussion regarding what is acceptable, desirable and appropriate at various ages, relationships and beliefs.   Secondly, a timeline is initiated for first date, recognized as a couple, testing for STI, love and other milestones in relationships to place these within the step of physical intimacy.  Provided magnets (provided) on tickets to place on cookie sheets (not-included) provide a perfect "table" for sorting the tickets and manipulation of the relationship tags.  MasterKit includes:  24 action tickets, 8 relationship tags, instructions/teaching tips, magnets to attach to tickets.  Enough for 4 groups.  Purchase of additional kits will allow smaller groups or a higher number of groups within the classroom. 

MasterKit:  $25.00 
Is it Fact or Opinion?
Distinguishing between fact and opinion, communication, and supporting a belief are crucial skills.  This activity allows practice for groups of 6-8 students to determine, discuss and come to agreement or disagreement with the opinion and if a measurable fact statement is true or false.  Twenty-four (24) cards are distributed to the group with statements that are stated as facts (measurable) or opinions.  Groups determine first if the statement is a fact or opinion, and then come to consensus regarding their collective opinion and the fact being true or false.  Discussion often occurs after class is over.  Cards may be removed to reflect community values. MasterKit includes 3 sets of 24 laminated sorting cards, answers to fact questions, instructions/teaching tips and 3 FACT/OPINION PLACEMENT SHEETS for sorting cards.

MasterKit:  $20.00
​Prevention of risk by prior planning, recognizing potential danger, and avoiding situations that may be risky is accomplished by a series of vignettes acted out by three characters representing "YOU" (the adolescent/young adult) a FRIEND (a person saying good things in your ear) and a FIEND (that not so positive voice in your head).  The three-part scripts provide messages regarding fourteen prevention skill to avoid sexual assault and risk for both males and females.
Kit includes 14 sets of scripts printed on RED, YELLOW, and WHITE card stock indicating which trio member should read the script.  Class members, while listening to the group examine the provided "Prevention Skills" student handout to guess the skill being performed.  The scripts have the instructions, each group members speaking part, and the answer to the item on the prevention sheet being communicated.  Included in the kits are instructions, 14 sets of scripts, master of "Prevention Skills", adaptation recommendations. One recommendation is that inexpensive costumes (halo or wings and fiend horns)be used, and groups perform behind a "screen" made of a large picture frame or "screen"as an option to focus learning, and increase comfort level of students performing the scripts.  (costumes and screen not included)

Prevention skills include:  awareness of surroundings, knowing sexual limits, communication, don't pressure, never force, know legal consequences, make a deal with parents, don't assume behavior signals consent, accept "NO", beware of signals, stay in control of your action by not using excessive alcohol, beware of pressures.  

MasterKit:  $45.00
​Friend or Fiend - Get The Picture?  Prevention Skills for Males and Females