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Identifying Resources
This strategy examines resources that provide information, counseling, and testing related to relationships, sexual violence, pregnancy, and contraception, including options for teens who are unable to care for an infant.  Analyzing the validity of these resources and how to access valid resources is included.  Student groups analyze one provided resource for validity, accuracy, cost, positives and negatives and reports to the larger group.  Situations are then provided to the class to determine which would be the best resource to access for the given issue.  Student charts may be utilize throughout the course for all health related topics.  Situations provided are for sexual health, but this could be utilized for all health topics requiring the assessment of valid resources.  MasterKit includes:  11 Situations Cards, Chart Set Up Sample, Chart Completion Key for 11 resources, Student Completion Sheet (optional), Teacher Key of Situations Cards

MasterKit $10.00
MasterKit includes materials for one group of students, instructions, teaching tips, and answer keys.  Strategies with only MasterKits are to be used as blackline masters OR as a classroom set requiring no additional groups. 

An ExKit includes materials for one or more additional groups and are available at a lower cost. Requires MasterKit for instructions, answer keys and overhead masters.    
GrandMaster includes a MasterKit and additional ExKits for some strategies to include materials for a class of 32-36 students.  Lowers the cost even more.  Available for some strategies only.  
Decisions....Decisions....Are You Really Ready for Sex?
What are the considerations before the decision to have sex?  This interactive kit addresses all important questions regarding sexual decision-making.  Thought provoking statements regarding alcohol use, pregnancy prevention, pressure from others, coping skills, regret, consequences, STI, intimacy, expectations, comfort and other considerations are delivered by student voices as they read from cards provided.  The message is thata there are so many things to consider, that young people have often overlooked.  Twenty (20) large cards  are read by students and then posted for viewing and discussion.  A student handout is provided, and student evaluate case studies to determine the issues that need to be considered before a person chooses to have sex having an impact on sexual decision-making.  MasterKit includes:  20 posting cards, Instructions/Teaching Tips, Student Handout, 2 case studies overheads for high school students.  

MasterKit:  $30.00  
The same strategy as "Decisions....Decisions....are you Really Ready for Sex" but written for younger students or more conservative communities.   Handout and statements are age-appropriate for middle-school or high school students.  Case studies are written with 13 year old subjects.   MasterKit includes: 20 posting cards, Instructions/Teaching Tips, Student Handout, 2 case studies overheads.

MasterKit:  $30.00  
Decisions....Too Young?