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This body image lesson allows students in grades 4-9 to examine a number of issues related to body image including:  weight, the media, relationship of food to body image, fitness, variety of body builds, gender differences, heredity and the aspects of health and nutrition adding to a positive body image.  Each small group is given 32 cards to read and sort to complete sentences regarding body image messages.  The discussion is then develop through these statement on large posting size cards for the entire class to view and discuss while checking their work. The 16 statements can be clearly understood by upper elementary students, but also allow for the middle school and early high school student to consider many important aspects that contribute to one's body image through more involved discussion.  MasterKit includes:  8 sets of sorting cards (32 cards each), 1 set of large posting cards (32), instruction/teaching tips, overhead masters, student definition/resource master, student worksheet master, answer key.

MasterKit $35.00 Exkit $ 25.00 (8 additional sorting cards to work in pairs)
An introduction to health from the standpoint of mortality causes in the early 1900's compared to early 2000's.  Present information having groups sort health issues into two lists:  Causes of death in the early 1900's and Causes of death in early 2000's.  Discusses how health care and health issues have changed from infections and illness to lifestyle disease.  Sedentary lifestyle, smoking, antibiotics, and low physical requirements in most employment/careers.  MasterKit includes:  sorting cards for 4 groups, instructions/teaching suggestions, answer key.

​MasterKit:  $30.00 and ExKit $25.00 (4 additional groups)
Stress:  Physical, Emotional, and Behavioral Signs
Students place tags in three categories to indicate if the characteristic is a Physical Symptom, Emotional System, or Behavioral Symptom of stress.  Items such as mood changes, lateness, cold hands and feet, headaches, tapping, anger etc are listed for groups and for discussion.  An individual recording sheet is provided for students to self reflect and indicate how they see their own stress signs. Grades 6-12  MasterKit includes:  instructions/teaching tips, sorting tags and titles for 8 groups, answer key.

MasterKit $40.00