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These voting letters have a multitude of uses in the classroom.  Each set includes eight (8) each of A, B, C, D, each in different colors.  Easy to read from across the room, and printed in different colors for easy recognition, and a listing of possible uses from review to voting.  MasterKit includes eight (8) sets of A - D.  Additional sets could provide pairs or individuals with a set of each of the letters.  (laminated)

MasterKit:  $8.00
MasterKit includes materials for one group of students, instructions, teaching tips, and answer keys.  Strategies with only MasterKits are to be used as blackline masters OR as a classroom set requiring no additional groups. 

An ExKit includes materials for one or more additional groups and are available at a lower cost. Requires MasterKit for instructions, answer keys and overhead masters.    
GrandMaster includes a MasterKit and additional ExKits for some strategies to include materials for a class of 32-36 students.  Lowers the cost even more.  Available for some strategies only.  
Each student is given a set of numbers ans is to rank order any list given to them.  They then, after deciding, place their numbers under signs indicating their vote.  An example might be topics of discussion, rank order of values, or any item that can be ranked.  These are invaluable for helpe the teaching know how students feel regarding content classroom atmosphere, and important issues.  
MasterKit included:  36 each of numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 each in a different color. (laminated), sample voting topic, instructions/teaching tips.

MasterKit:  $25.00
Sets in 20 different colors for group or individual use.  One use is for groups to be given a clue and to spell the answer using the letters and yelling the answer.  This activity is called "Spell It and Yell It".  Teachers may utilize these letters in numerous way while racing the clock, to make crosswords, and vocabulary practice.  MasterKit includes:  20 color sets of letters with duplicates of frequently used letters, instructions/teaching tips, letter check sheet for planning.  Letters are laminated.

MasterKit:  $40.00