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Baby....That's Life
The expense related to parenting is evident in this simulation of the life of a teenage parent. Using the roll of the dice, each person experiences the decisions, expenses, and ups and downs of parenting.  Job related, transportation, housing, relationships, entertainment, "Oh No!", baby things, health/medical, something good, something for everyone, surprise and housing cards are selected by the roll of the die.  All group members have their own "life" from which to make financial transactions on their recording sheet.  MasterKit includes 11 sets of 32 cards, placement sheet, color coded dice key, directions, and dice for up to 8 students.  

MasterKit:  $55.00  Exkit $50.00  Grandmaster:  $190.00  (1 MasterKit and 3 Exkits) 
MasterKit includes materials for one group of students, instructions, teaching tips, and answer keys.  Strategies with only MasterKits are to be used as blackline masters OR as a classroom set requiring no additional groups. 

An ExKit includes materials for one or more additional groups and are available at a lower cost. Requires MasterKit for instructions, answer keys and overhead masters.    
GrandMaster includes a MasterKit and additional ExKits for some strategies to include materials for a class of 32-36 students.  Lowers the cost even more.  Available for some strategies only.  
Motor Development - First Year
An activity that teaches the physical and motor development of the child from birth through the first year.  Twenty-one (21) slips with various stages of physical development are divided into 6 categories including holding head up, sitting, rolling, standing and walking and feeding skills.  The categories are sorted by each group and than places on the banner indicating which month of development the average child will accomplish this skill.  The activity demonstrates the progression of motor development and how each category inter-connects. MasterKit includes:  Blackline master for 6 page banner, Blackline Master for 21 sorting strips of motor development, Answer Key, Instruction/Teaching Tips.  The allows for duplication of activity for use with several groups is desired. 
MasterKit:  $8.00
Regardless of the age of being a first time parents, there are changes that occur.  New Responsibilities, Emotional Adjustments, Changes in Lifestyle, Rewards of Parenthood, Changes in Relationships occur and are magnified and more difficult to deal with for the teen parents.   This isn't just for parenting classes, but is a great abstinence activity or introduction activity for discussion of contraception and protection from unplanned pregnancy.  30 Situation are provided to groups to discuss and place under title cards.  MasterKit included:  4 groups of sorting cards/titles cards,  two page student recording sheet master, answer keys, teaching tips/instructions.

MasterKit:  $45.00  Exkit $40.00  (includes 4 sets of additional group materials)
Changes of Parenthood
This camera ready copy presents the study of child care/child development throughout history.  With a time-line, students place cards along the timeline in the year(s) they believe that development occurred.  Issues like when smallpox was eliminated, nipples on bottles, canned baby food, paper diapers, and children treated like miniature adults are addressed along with 10 other events throughout history.  MasterKit includes:  Teaching Tips/Instructions, blackline masters to reprint group timeline and cards, student recording sheet, & answer key.  An interesting, lively activty to begin your study of child development.

MasterKit:  $5.00
History of the Child
Sensitive, Placid, or Aggressive Personalities have characteristics that can be observed in young children.  32 different personality characteristic cards are sorted by groups to allow discussion of these childhood personality characteristics.  MasterKit includes:  Instructions/Teaching Tips, sorting cards for 4 groups, student recording sheet, answer key overhead master.

MasterKit:  $45.00  Exkit $40.00  (includes 4 sets of additional group materials)
Personality Characteristics
Crime and Punishment...Effective Discipline
Discipline needs to be directed toward the child effectively, positively and in a manner that fits the infraction.  This activity addresses discipline that is effective and appropriate modeling positive techniques and skills that deal with young children through adolescents.  The resulting discussion of possible parent reactions create and understanding of a variety of methods that are positive when dealing with children.   Negative methods are not modeled, though they could be discussed throughout the activity.  The activity is divided into two segments for young children and older children.  Situations and discipline techniques are printed on colored cards stock, and students pair up to match a situation with an appropriate discipline. 15 situations and 15 parent actions for each age-group level are included.  All cards laminated.  MasterKit includes:  30 situation cards, 30 positive parent reaction cards, instruction/teaching tips, answer key.
MasterKit:  $55.00  Exkit $50.00  Grandmaster:  $190.00  (1 MasterKit and 3 Exkits)