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With a "fishing pole", catch the characteristics of a relationship, discuss, and sort into Crucial, Significant, Perk, and Tackle Box.  MasterKit included:  112 characteristic cards, placement cards for one group of 6 students, magnet for pole and cards, instructions, student recording sheets and teaching tips.   
MasterKit includes materials for one group of students, instructions, teaching tips, and answer keys.  Strategies with only MasterKits are to be used as blackline masters OR as a classroom set requiring no additional groups. 

Infatuation (Sparkle), Disillusionment, Mutual Acceptance are described using lecture, student sorting quotations, and discussion.  This theory of relationships is age-appropriate for high school students to demonstrate the stages of relationships.  Many relationships end in Stage # 2 and avoiding important decisions like have sex or a child in the early stages allow students see how this applies to their own lives and decisions about relationships. MasterKit includes:  student handout/recording sheet, teacher mini-lecture masters, 4 sets of sorting cards.  
32 individual cards (16 relationships),  folded closed with Velcro, ask students to find a "match" with characteristic listed on the outside of the card.  When the match is found couples open the cards to find the thoughts of each person in the pairing regarding the relationship.  Beginning stages, disillusioned, mature, short and long in duration, and a wide variety of situations allow examination of relationships for healthy and unhealthy characteristics.  An description provides discussion questions, characteristics linked to the pairs, overhead masters, answer key and instructions for this strategy extends learning regarding the Three Stages of Relationships or as a stand-alone.  One class set for 32 students.  Includes Velco closure dots for each card.
An ExKit includes materials for one or more additional groups and are available at a lower cost. Requires MasterKit for instructions, answer keys and overhead masters.    
GrandMaster includes a MasterKit and additional ExKits for some strategies to include materials for a class of 32-36 students.  Lowers the cost even more.  Available for some strategies only.  
List Price:  MasterKit:  $30.00    ExKit:  $25.00  Grandmaster $150.00 (enough for 6 groups)
List Price:  MasterKit:  $30.00    ExKit:  $25.00  
List Price:  MasterKit:  $45.00
Exploring the difference between mature love and infatuation is the focus of this activity.  Students work in groups to determine the characteristics of Love and Infatuation.  The discussion clarifies that infatuation doesn't feel bad, isn't negative, but isn't enough on which to base a long term commitment.  The "Myths of Love" and "Stages of Relationship" handouts are included with description, self-checking answer key utilizing numbers in order and in pairs (love/infatuation), overhead masters, and 8 sets of group materials.  ExKit could be purchased to allow students to work in pairs.

MasterKit: $30.00 ExKit: $25.00 (eight more sorting sets)

Characteristics of health and unhealthy relationships are clearly stated and discussed in this teaching strategy.  Sometimes unhealthy characteristics are disguised and seem position, until they are discussed and shown in their true light. 65 characteristic cards are provided where students place in a building block fashion if positive, and randomly on the wall if the characteristic is unhealthy.  As students post their blocks, time is allowed for instructor to comments and expand on the characteristic.  May remain posted on wall.  MasterKit includes 65 laminated cards visible across the room, two title cards, answer sheet, and instructions.

MasterKit: $45.00 
This activity is basd on Sternberg's model for relationships where students define: Intimacy, Commitment & Passion and evaluate case studies to determine which of the characteristic(s) each relationship possesses.  The case studies are then matched with the types of love indicated by the triangles in Sternberg's Model.  Each relationship is realistic and seems positive, but only one possesses all three characteristic of a Complete Love relationship.  Case studies are gender non-specific.  MasterKit includes:  9 case study cards, triangles fo each type of love, teaching strategies, group recording sheet, answer key, 3 overhead masters.  (enough for 4 groups) 

​MasterKit:  $30.00  ExKit $ 25.00 (8 additional sets of cards)
Statistics regarding unhealthy relationships, marriage, parental beliefs, texting, abuse and other relationship information are provided in this activity.  Over forty statements are provided, based on current statistics are distributed.  Students hide the question from themselves by placing their forehead, move about the room, surveying fellow class members who will answer the statement true or false.  After obtaining the advice of the group, students will move to a side of the room to indicate the answer(s) they were told.  There is a special twist when processing this activity to show that sometimes the advice we get from our peers may not be accurate.  A good start up activity when beginning to discuss relationships, harassment, and abuse.

MasterKit: $35.00
This activity helps students discover what is important to them in a friendship.  It is similar to "The Great Catch", but is for a friendship relationship.  Groups of 4 students toss a beanbag animal into the air.  Where is lands indicates which one (or two) characteristic cards the individual picks up.  They read the card to the group, and decide how they feel about the characteristic and place it on one of the following title/placement cards:  Must Have, Would Be Nice, Doesn't Matter, Don't Want.  They decide, announce to the group, place on the card. pass the beanbag, and write on the student recording sheet.  This activity is appropriate for Grades 6-8.  MasterKit includes:  80 characteristic cards, placement cards for group of 4 students,  instructions/teaching tips, overhead master, recording sheet.  BeanBag not supplied.

MasterKit:  $25.00  ExKit: $20.00  GrandMaster $150.00 (8 groups)
Why are we attracted a person?  Why to different people than others?  This resource allows presentation of seven (7) theories of attraction through a min-lecture format, student groups evaluating case studies, and laminated title cards for group processing.  The Love Ladder is a second activity contained in this kit where students determine their personal script for love and attraction.  A trip through time that lists important people in lives that influence our attraction and love.  The physical and personality traits we have learned to like and dislike has been learned throughout life.  The Love Ladder is designed to address attraction in a non-heterosexist manner.  MasterKit includes:  7 Overhead masters, Student Handout, Sheet of 15 Case Studies, 4 sets (7 cards each) of title cards, Love Ladder Sheet, Love Ladder mini-lecture)

MasterKit:  $20.00  ExKit: $15.00  (4 more sets of title cards for 4 additional groups)