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This activity helps teach and review the names, transmission, descriptions, symptoms, effect and treatments of eight sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Pubic Lice, PID, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, HPV/Genital Warts.  Designed for small groups, two kits would accommodate a classroom of 32 students.  Velcro may be purchased to attach placement cards to sheets if desired.  Kit included four (4) sets of the following:  32 Placement cards (laminated), 2 placement sheets (laminated), Color Transparency Master, Answer Key, Teaching instructions/teaching tips.
MasterKit: $35.00  
This innovative teaching strategy communicates important aspects regarding sexually transmitted infections, signs and symptoms, knowledge of STI's and ways to avoid an STI including abstinence, mutual monogamy, condoms.  Students are given a part of an interactive puzzle involving a key, white glue, rubber ball, foam ball, match, and many other things to act out the signs of a sexually transmitted disease and how to prevention transmission.  Each student task card involves a cue to demonstrate, write on the board, toss a ball, hold a stop sign, use a overhead, or another action to communicate to the group about prevention and recognition of STI.
MasterKit includes:  46 laminated task cards, 3 overhead masters, instructions/teaching tips, answer key, list of equipment, 2 large equipment cards, cutouts of key, light bulb picture, and stickers.  Equipment to be provided by facilitator/teacher are easy to find items imcluded in most classrooms.  This kit has been adopted by several school districts for both middle and high school level.  It provides humor, interest, and often students ask to repeat it more than once.

MasterKit $35.00 
Sort out the Sexually Transmitted Diseases MINI-KIT (For High School or Middle School)
Same information as the original Sort Out the STI but in blackline-masters to copy.  The placement tickets are printed on different colors of paper and cut apart by students on indicated lines before placement, then glued to the placement sheets after being corrected for accuracy.  Mini-Kit includes:  Instructions/Teaching Tips, Master of Placement Sheet, 4 Ticket Sheet Masters (STI (Name, Description, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment) to copy of your own colored paper, Answer Key

High School MiniKit:  $5.50

For Middle School:   Same great activity with three categories making it less difficult to sort.
Mini-Kit:  $5.00

MasterKit includes materials for one group of students, instructions, teaching tips, and answer keys.  Strategies with only MasterKits are to be used as blackline masters OR as a classroom set requiring no additional groups. 

An ExKit includes materials for one or more additional groups and are available at a lower cost. Requires MasterKit for instructions, answer keys and overhead masters.    
GrandMaster includes a MasterKit and additional ExKits for some strategies to include materials for a class of 32-36 students.  Lowers the cost even more.  Available for some strategies only.  
Thirty people tell the story of their decisions, their past, their viewpoints, attitudes and experiences with sexually transmitted infections and prevention. The need for communication is stressed and demonstrated by the class members taking the part of both males and females in this activity. Characters describe their experiences and thoughts in a non-biased manner with sensitivity to sexual minority, gender and diversity. Characters express positive viewpoints and choices as well as behaviors that have put them at risk or caused them to need treatment for STI. A true chain of events addressing not only STI but cervical cancer, pregnancy, communication, disclosure, drug & alcohol influences, self-image, inoculation, and honestly regarding potential risk of infection. Students will have their “character card” with them to discuss the risk actions and protective decisions made during the experience.  8.5' x 11'  Cards suitable for lamination. MasterKit included:  Instructions, 30 individual character cards with 

MasterKit: $35.00
High Risk, Possibly Risky, Probably Safe, No Risk are the categories that students sort behavior for Risk of HIV/AIDS Sort.  Forty-six (46) cards are sorted into the four categories to discuss behavior change, risk, abstinence activities and protection.  Cards may be removed to allow for community requirements, space requirements, language use and age appropriate adaptations.  This could be use and middle, high or university to link behaviors to infection with HIV.  The behavior cards are specific for discussion of risk of transmission for fluids:  blood, semen & vaginal secretions linking behavior to transmission.  An overhead master for discussion of high risk fluids, instructions/teaching tips and answer key are included with the 46 laminated cards.  A very large MasterKit.

MasterKit: $40.00
STI/STD Walkabout
Students move around the rooms holding parts of statements about the bacterial and viral sexually transmitted infections.  Groups of 4-5 students come together to complete statements about the STI.  The cards are read to the class, processed, and can be passed again, the re-grouped to read again, if desired.  A quick, enjoyable way to review materials to assess prior learning or as a review.  Laminated cards are large enough to read from across the room.  MasterKit includes:  Instruction/teaching tips, Answer Key, 34 laminated cards.

MasterKit: $20.00
The AIDS Puzzles
​A quick, simple way to have student take notes regarding 25 definitions associated with HIV/AIDS.  Five puzzles are provided in different colors.  Groups put the puzzle together at their table, and complete a color coded recording sheet of the words and definitions.  They then move to another table, complete that puzzle, and filling out each additional section.  Quick, simple, and avoids the long lecture, note-taking issue.  MasterKit includes:  5 laminated puzzles (teacher cuts), student recording sheet master (5 puzzles, 3 pages), instructions/teaching tips.  

MasterKit:  $15.00