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Assertive Communication

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Assertive, Aggressive, Manipulative, Passive communication is recognized with positive practice for assertive communication.

Product Detail:

Communication is crucial to health relationships and assertive communication is the basis for good communication to to realistic situations is the key component of this teaching strategy.  Eight situations are provided with examples of assertive behavior statements.  Paired within these are examples of aggressive, passive and manipulative statements providing a measure of why assertive communication is more effective that the three negative communication techniques.  Recognizing negative communication is on of the first steps toward acknowledging the effectiveness of assertive communication.  This is an introductory role-playing activity suitable for middle or early high school.   MasterKit includes four laminated posting signs, Overhead master for definitions/mini-lecture, Instructions & Answer Key, Eight (8) situation cards each with four (4) statements cards of each of the communication techniques:  Assertive, Aggressive, Passive and Manipulation. (laminated)