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Attraction Theories & "The Love Ladder"


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What are the theories of attraction, and how are they learned?

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Why are we attracted a person?  Why to different people than others?  This resource allows presentation of seven (7) theories of attraction through a min-lecture format, student groups evaluating case studies, and laminated title cards for group processing.  The Love Ladder is a second activity contained in this kit where students determine their personal script for love and attraction.  A trip through time that lists important people in lives that influence our attraction and love.  The physical and personality traits we have learned to like and dislike has been learned throughout life.  The Love Ladder is designed to address attraction in a non-heterosexist manner.  MasterKit includes:  7 Overhead masters, Student Handout, Sheet of 15 Case Studies, 4 sets (7 cards each) of title cards, Love Ladder Sheet, Love Ladder mini-lecture)