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Calendar Method of Pregnancy Prevention

Calendar Method of BC

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A planned learning activity where students manipulate bingo-chips to show egg life, sperm life, projected ovulation with a varying menstrual cycle to determine when pregnancy might occur.

Product Detail:

Can a woman get pregnant during her period? The natural method of family planning requires understanding of a woman¿s cycle, hormones, and probability. The length of cycles, sperm life, egg life, and predicting when ovulation will occur is possible, but difficult to avoid pregnancy. After this activity, males see why a female might not know when it is ¿safe¿, and males and females have appreciation why using an effective method of birth control is important. With a step-by-step recording sheet, students utilize self-directed learning regarding a difficult concept. MasterKit includes: 8 Monthly Calendars (2 per group), Four colors of Bingo Chips (4 group sets), color overhead for instruction, answer key, teaching instructions, Student Learning Pages (7 pages).