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Crime and Punishment....Effective Discipline

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Partners pair up with a situation and an effective disciplinary action for both young children and older children in this walkaround activity.

Product Detail:

Discipline needs to be directed toward the child effectively, positively and in a manner that fits the infraction.  This activity addresses discipline that is effective and appropriate modeling positive techniques and skills that deal with young children through adolescents.  The resulting discussion of possible parent reactions create and understanding of a variety of methods that are positive when dealing with children.   Negative methods are not modeled, though they could be discussed throughout the activity.  The activity is divided into two segments for young children and older children.  Situations and discipline techniques are printed on colored cards stock, and students pair up to match a situation with an appropriate discipline. 15 situations and 15 parent actions for each age-group level are included.  All cards laminated.  MasterKit includes:  30 situation cards, 30 positive parent reaction cards, instruction/teaching tips, answer key.