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Decisions, Decisions....Are You Really Ready?

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Students read statements regarding considerations / decisions regarding sexual consent.

Product Detail:

What are the considerations before the decision to have sex?  This interactive kit addresses all important questions regarding sexual decision-making.  Thought provoking statements regarding alcohol use, pregnancy prevention, pressure from others, coping skills, regret, consequences, STI, intimacy, expectations, comfort and other considerations are delivered by student voices as they read from cards provided.  The message is thata there are so many things to consider, that young people have often overlooked.  Twenty (20) large cards  are read by students and then posted for viewing and discussion.  A student handout is provided, and student evaluate case studies to determine the issues that need to be considered before a person chooses to have sex having an impact on sexual decision-making.  MasterKit includes:  20 posting cards, Instructions/Teaching Tips, Student Handout, 2 case studies overheads for high school students.